{-(How to) Hack your s60v3, s60v5 and Anne/Belle phones-}

Posted by RYHN SRK3R on 12:38 AM, 17-Nov-12

ThumbnailThe hacking method described in this post also works perfectly well in all older Symbian^3/Anna phones updated with Nokia Belle firmware and also Some s60v5 phones With this hack you can install any unsigned applications without "unable to install, Certificate error" problems.  With the official release of Belle update for all Symbian^3 (and Anna) phones , most of you will get your phones updated sooner or later (many have done it already).... [Read More]

{Bring back your S60v3 photo and video Editor}

Posted by RYHN SRK3R on 05:45 PM, 13-Nov-12

ThumbnailOn Some S60v3 mobile phones, it is noticed that after updating the Anna version to Belle,the default photo and video editor is vanished. So u can bring it back from here: 1. nokia-photo-editor-plugin.sis 2. nokia-video-editor-plugin.sis (To install  these apps ur phone must be hacked, read it here) "Same thing happened to me after upgrading my N8 to Belle refresh. I did hard reset before upgrading, so that may be the reason.... [Read More]

{~¤~ Amäzîng & Stunnîng 3Ð Sтréèt Àrт Pнóтòs ~¤~}

Posted by RYHN SRK3R on 09:25 AM, 03-Mar-12

Thumbnailআস্‌সালামু আলাইকুম! আল্লাহ'র নামে শুরু করছি. আশা করছি আল্লাহ'র অশেষ রহমতে প্রাণ পাখি দেহে ধারণ করে মোটামোটি ভালোই আছেন. আসলে এটা আমার প্রথম পোষ্ট তাই এতো ভণিতা করতে হচ্ছে. কি দিয়ে শুরু করবো ভেবে পাচ্ছিলাম না. এতো কাপ-ঝাপ না করে আসি তবে আসল কথায়. আমি আজ আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি অসাধারণ কিছু "স্ট্রীট আর্ট". যা না দেখলেই নয়. এক কথায় বলতে... [Read More]

{:- Warning! Be Aware Of Facebook Dislike Button -:}

Posted by RYHN SRK3R on 03:07 AM, 22-May-11

ThumbnailPlease don’t be too quîck to clîck on lînks claîmîng to “Enable/Actîve Dîslîke Button” on Facebook, as a fast- spreadîng scam has caused problems for socîal networkîng users thîs weekend. Messages claîmîng to offer the opposîte to a lîke button have been appearîng on many Facebook users’ walls: Facebook now has a dîslîke button! Clîck 'Enable/Actîve Dîslîke Button' to turn on... [Read More]

{- About the Author -}

Posted by RYHN SRK3R on 12:36 PM, 20-May-11

ThumbnailHi everyone... Let's share something about me. My name is Rayhan Sarker. I am a student of Computer Technology in Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute, kaptai, Rangamati, Bangladesh. Its a Diploma Engineering Course for 4 years. This is my final year of this Course. My mind become very sad, when i think about my collage friends and teachers. Really i will miss... [Read More]